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Halló, my name is Hanna.  

I'm a digital designer based in Oslo, focusing on interactions and animation.

I create digital products that are intuitive and accessible.
I’m a designer for a healthcare start-up in charge of user experience, systems design, and product development. When I'm not creating mockups, you'll find me tufting rugs or painting silk.

A small, hand-made jewelry line using 100% Icelandic wool and 3-D printed molds.

Alltaf Jewelry | 2018 | Product Design

Frame 71.png

A personalized genetic report easily created by patients for their healthcare team.

Inagene Diagnostics Inc. | 2021 | UX Design | Systems Design


Coming soon


A lamp that encourages playful exploration of color through assembly.

Leika Lamp | 2017 | Product Design

A mobile app that empowers users to take control of their data consent in smart cities.

Node | 2019 | UX Design | Systems Design

Konnect Bits-11.png

An explainer video on how your genes affect your body's response to medication.

What Is Pharmacogenetics? | 2021 | Motion Design


Coming soon


A research project that looks to distill trends and values into actionable ideas. 

Connect | 2019 | Research | Speculative Design

I'd love to hear from you 👋
If you have a project you'd think I'd be a good fit for, consider reaching out to say hello! I'm currently taking on new projects.
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