Hállo, my name is Hanna.

I'm a UX designer who prioritizes      privacy,     utility, and     fun.

I create digital products that are intuitive and accessible.
Currently, I’m a designer for a healthcare start-up in charge of branding, systems design, and product development. When I'm not creating mockups, you'll find me tufting rugs or painting silk.
Node is an app that facilitates data consent in smart cities.
A mobile app that empowers users with varying digital literacy skills to take control of their data consent and have it meaningfully recognized by data collectors.
Alltaf is a passion project creating colorful, felted earrings.
Alltaf is a small, hand-made jewelry line using 100% Icelandic wool and 3-D printed molds. This project aims to establish wool in the realm of every day, fine jewelry.
Inagene offers an online pharmacogenetics report.
Inagene is a Canadian start-up helping patients and their healthcare providers find the best, and safest, medications for their treatment plan based on their genetics.
Coming soon
I'd love to hear from you 👋
If you have a project you'd think I'd be a good fit for, consider reaching out to say hello! I'm currently taking on new projects.