Hállo, my name is Hanna.

I'm a UX designer who prioritizes      privacy,     utility, and     fun.

I'm a freelance designer working in the start-up space.
I’m interested in designing for the behavior spaces within emerging technology, specifically ones involved in everyday routines. When I'm not creating mockups for new systems, you'll find me tufting rugs or painting silk.
NODE                       Application   Product   Systems
Node addresses the growing issue of data collection and the lack of proper consent in smart cities.
LEIKA                    Speculative   Product   Interactive
Leika is a table lamp that plays with the idea of interacting with "smart" lighting in an analog way. 
ALLTAF                        Product   Business   Branding
Alltaf is a passion project looking at translating an ancient material into a contemporary product.
CONNECT     Trend Analytics   System   Storytelling
Connect proposes an idealized future based on past and current trends in society.
My design work enables users a high level of control by eliminating the bits that cloud their decision making process.
If you have a project you'd think I'd be a good fit for, consider reaching out to say hello! I'm taking on new projects and would love to hear from you. 👋