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Richly Imagined Future (RIF) looks at how comprehensive research, analytical frameworks, and trend projection can distill trends and values into actionable ideas. RIF projects a future rooted in technology, passion, and growth where individual needs are met and intentions are propelled into meaningful directions. What a dream!

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This project was completed for a strategic design course at OCADu. Done in collaboration with Lucas Bruketa and Mikayla Koo.

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"The Richly Imagined Future is not a destination, but a mind-set conducive to frameworks for existence, frameworks that will change in the course of time, subject to the number and type of participants and subject to the emerging ecosystem of the technosphere. The Richly Imagined Future is not a concept, but the place where concepts come into being. A life attitude, a decision that one's life – and by extension the life of organizations or other human groups – can be designed on a values-based framework, permanently evolving in purpose and meaning. " Alexander Manu, Course Professor

1  Problem Space

The objective of this project was to erase the lines between the natural and the artificial. We attempted this by identifying successful case studies in history and reconstructing our society through re-symbolized themes. We looked to connect exhibits from the best components of both natural and artificial systems to create a world where an individual can achieve their best self; through the continual support of the larger network of the city.

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2  Project Framing

  • Allow themes derived from case studies to form an idealized world.

  • Balance integration of digital and human elements with an optimistic lens.

  • Look at existing successful systems to create a diverse framework for further development.


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What if we lacked self-identification? 


What would human development be without age? 


How can data influence societal organization? 


What if all communication was non-verbal? 

What if cities were as conscious as humans? 


What if technology became second nature? 

How can we eliminate the distinction between organic and inorganic? 

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With the exploration of the initial framework, 23 case studies were chosen to represent our ideas in creating our richly imagined future. These case studies were researched, analyzed, and synthesized in an effort to propel our vision imagined future.


To create a new framework of our future, we’ve synthesized the identified key themes and recontextualized into a new framework of concepts. The re-established themes lay new ground for the new possibilities, networks, environments, systems, products and services.


We curated key themes and categorized into four different categories of human, technology, systems and society. The diverse set of research yields our journey into the next phase of identifying the richly imagined future; the relationships between individuals and objects.


Our main goal was to utilize technology to create a completely integrated network for all living and non-living beings. This would allow for dynamic communication and adaptation between all things creating a society that learns from each person and object.

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3  Solution

The world maintains three prominent themes throughout its development; the self, network and growth. Each of these themes applies directly to all elements of life within the network informing and learning from all living and non-living beings. These themes delve into ideas of continuous adaptation, learning through exploration, and complete integration with all ‘beings'. These themes also develop into a circular system of humans, objects, and systems to provide the highest of life possible for all-natural and artificial beings. 


With all matter connected by the network, their environment allows children self-sufficiency from an early age. Children interact with objects and the network in a complex manner. Learning to develop deeper and more dynamic relationships with both organic and inorganic matter, with the network providing emotional and educational feedback as they explore their world. As they interact more with their world, the network begins to develop complex profiles for each individual that will continue to be developed and grow through their lifetime.


Within the new society, people commit themselves to the goal of self-actualization, done through the action of self-reflection and the pursuit of their personal ideals. The network plays a significant role throughout the individual’s life, providing them with support and emotional guidance through their interactions and conversations with the network. Through the network, an individual is able to talk to another being or a manifestation of themselves (created based on a lifetime of data), and discuss concepts intimately without fear of judgment. 


With the widespread acceptance of complex prosthetics and organ regrowth, people are no longer hindered by their age as they once were. Now they are able to maintain the same quality of life as they did in their youth. After decades of data collection, the network now has a near-complete data profile of the user, and the individual’s interactions with the network are more akin to a two-way door. The individual is able to use the network as a conduit for communication, projecting concepts, emotions, and feelings through it without the limitations of verbal expression. 


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4  Conclusion

We concluded our futures could be best propelled by technology. Connect’s singular intention is to provide the highest quality of life possible; to all beings. Utilizing technology to create a completely integrated network for all living and non-living beings allows for dynamic communication and adaptation between all things allowing for a society which learns from one another.


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