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A report that guides you to the medications best for you, based on your genes.

Inagene's Personalized Insights report™ is a digital report based on an at-home pharmacogenetics test conducted by this Canadian start-up in their lab. While a new science, pharmacogenetics is quickly emerging to be an unparalleled alternative to "trial and error" prescribing common for most patients.

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1  Problem Space

This was about engagement, not practicality, and doesn't pretend to solve any major problem. It was created for entertainment by feeling present within a space. It's was an exploration of how to produce a lamp that people would want to engage with, through seeing the tangible results of an interaction.

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The popularity of smart, color-changing lighting is difficult to ignore, where at the simple download of an app you're able to change the color of a light to any shade of the rainbow. This interaction is completed through the application of the Internet of Things, where smart lighting has become ubiquitous in the smart home. However, the exploration of this range of color is rarely explored after the initial installation period.


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  • Finish within 7 days of ideation.

  • Allow for as many color combinations as possible through an analog interaction.

  • Produce object, packaging, manual complete with wiring.

  • Clean, simple form with emphasis on color changing elements.

2  Project Framing

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This project emerged after a light-hearted conversation about Philips Bulbs and the resulting behaviors associated with the color-changing bulbs.


After multiple rounds of ideations, low-fi prototypes, and consultations with technicians, I planned the lamp development.  


I set out to push my knowledge of production and materials. Every step of the process was a learning opportunity.


The base is a single piece of cast acrylic trimmed on a lathe. The frames are heat bent acrylic rods with cotton fabric sewn tightly.

3  Solution

Leika allows you to explore the effect of color in your environment. This lamp was created to act as an exploration into how to translate a UX feature into an analog object. The lamp lives in the home and wants to reflect color onto the walls and be involved in playful and lighthearted moods. 


Every lamp comes with an acrylic base, fabric cord, and four different colored large/small frames. The lamp is intended to be used with two large frames and two small frames at the same time allowing for unique color creates for diffused light. That's where the play aspect comes in! There are over thirty-two combinations available. 


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Open the package and explore the 8 frames available. You will have four larger frames as well as four smaller ones. Each frame is a different color and will interact with the light in a unique way. Select your desired colors from the two sets available.


Slot the frames into grooves of the base. With the larger frames, place a maximum of two frames in the outer ring. Repeat with the smaller inner groove. Slide the frames until they're settled into position.


Once the frames are in place, place the lamp somewhere within the room where it will be able to reflect on the walls. Plug in the lamp and play with the frames until you land on a placement you enjoy! Repeat.


4  Conclusion

The lamp was a lesson first and foremost in production, learning new skills with plastics and molds than I had previously experimented with. Overall, I'm pleased with the extent of color exploration this object allows form with a simple, straightforward form that communicates how to engage with it. While this lamp has no basis in practicality, it does successfully communicate the main objective of this project; play.


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